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Work Space Workshops & Team Building with ThinkBIG! 

Staff Meeting
ThinkBIG! Think Bravely 

Inventing Self with ThinkBIG! 

The mission of Inventing Self is to align with authenticity, intuition, humility, gratitude, honesty, courage, and vulnerability, to CONNECT and cultivate happiness- for ourselves, and for every other being in the universe.  We work with the bravest leaders to cultivate happiness for themselves and transform the culture of their organization.​ Inventing Self offers coaching, workshops, and keynotes to businesses, individuals and schools to cultivate happiness, increase productivity, and enhance engagement.

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Examples of Workspace Workshop

& Team Building Offerings

Cute Notebooks

10 Fundamentals of

Inventing Self 

Coaching & Mentoring

All Hands In

Mission, Vision, Values and The Power of 'Yes, And'! Learning through Improv & Theater Games 

Group Meeting

Non Profit Board Development & Engagement 

Staff Meeting


Before Corrections 

Girl Working in a Cafe

Managing Self Before Managing Others 

UX Design Team

Cultivating Creative Teams

Business Consultation

Employee Handbook Essentials

& Performance Evaluations 

Business Meeting

Strategic Planning

Quality Improvement

Policy & Procedure Development  

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