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An Actor's Life for Me
In-school workshops & residency program


About An Actor's Life for Me

Each class we choose from a list of Drama Words such as Actor, Ensemble, Director, Props, Costumes, just to name a few. Through theater games and activities, playwriting and improv, we will explore the definition of these words and learn how the skills it takes to be an actor can serve us on and off the stage. An Actor’s Life for Me is a perfect class for participants of all ages and abilities, communication styles, and skill levels.


Single, stand-alone workshops are available, as are multiple-week residencies.

Duration of workshop: 45-90 minute workshops available.

TO BOOK DATES FOR SCHOOL & COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS call Heather at (631) 365-3232             or email 


BOCES Approved.

For more information contact Heather at (646) 457- 9028
or send us a message!

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